Do you know what makes or breaks a business? It might not be what you think.

I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t Instagram pre-sets, it’s not a branding photo shoot, or a fancy website.

 Trust me I’ve seen plenty of businesses succeed without all of this.

There's actually only one thing you need for your business to succeed and that's...


That's right boo. I have NEVER seen a business succeed without clients. 

Let's keep it real, between you and I, when I left my corporate job and started my business over a year ago, there was only one thing in my way of having the success I dreamed of and that was clients, customers, sales, future bffs (whatever term you want to use).
I knew:

Abundance of clients would = Success
Lack of clients would = Failure, struggle, stress

My only option was to succeed. Maybe you feel this same way. So I focused on what was important and I signed clients.

Before I had a fancy shmancy website, before I had an office, before I got the instagram presets or an assistant and well before I was being booked as an international speaker- I focused on the only thing that was truly important.  

Being able to sign clients led to some pretty amazing stuff.
Most importantly it led to a 6-figure business, a life away from the job I hated, and whole lot of freedom. I finally got to sleep in, travel the world, and help other women succeed in business too.  

I had my first $17,000 month and then my first $17,000 DAY.

I had my first $20,000 launch which then a few month later turned into a $60,000 launch.

I got to watch my clients leave their 9-5's, have their own 5-figure months, and live their life of passion.

The common denominator to our dream life happening was CLIENTS.


Wait who am I?

Whoops, I got too excited. I'm Julie! Business Coach and Sales Psychology Expert to high performing entrepreneurs who want to optimize their business, book out their services, and reach financial freedom. In one year alone, I booked and worked with over 100 clients helping them create the businesses of their dreams.

But here's WHY I do it. I experienced a lot of pain growing up. I was homeless, endured abuse, and jumped in and out of the foster care system. I knew from a young age what it was like to have your water turned off, to open up the fridge and have it be empty, and to see those around me I loved suffering trying to get ahead.
So I became obsessed on what separated those who became successful from those who struggled.

This led me to my mission of cracking the code to financial freedom and helping as many people as I could get there. (This is where our relationship begins ;))

Solving the mystery of financial freedom is where my love child's Psychology Mastery + Business Strategy were born. You'll notice all my work encompasses both of these. I emerged myself into a psychology career of 7+ years with a bachelors in applied psychology & a masters level education in business psychology. Here, I learned how we could leverage our brains (and others brains too) for any results we wanted to achieve in life. 

"But talk to me about the money Julie!" Oh yes, that's where the story gets good!

In building my own 6-figure company I finally got to experience for the first time not worrying about eviction notices being left on the door. I learned what life looked like when results were thriving. For me it included, working with my dream clients, hoping on a first class flight, leaving my 9-5, speaking at international retreats, laying in bed with a cup of coffee at noon on a Wednesday because damn it I can and I deserve it.

I broke all statistics on what my financial status should have been.

That's when I realized that virtually anyone could reach financial freedom through business if they did it right. Yes boo, including you. After all, I was just a trailer park girl from Montana. 

So I can say without a doubt. If it's possible for me.

It's possible for you

This is why I created my most powerful program yet. Because what if we could fast track the life of success for you?

What if you could: 


Let me know if this you:

:: You have much bigger dreams for what your business can be but you feel stuck at signing your next level clients. 

:: You're actually a badass at what you do, but your mastery over marketing, sales, and client psychology is holding you back and is starting to lead to discouragement & burnout

:: You keep watching your competition succeed over you. *Hi, Green Eyed Monster, how are ya?* You're spinning your wheels frustrated at what they know that you don't. After all, if Shelia can figure it out why not you!?

:: You're not signing on clients at the rate you want even if you've been pretending the last few months that your life is perfect and you have your insta feed to back it up (been there)... but I know it's starting to feel a tad overwhelming. After all, you want the success not only for yourself but your family too. 

:: You firmly grasp the concept that more clients leads to more freedom, more fun, and more profits.

:: You are over not living your full purpose or potential. If you could just crack the code of actually working with your dream customers, life would be pretty amazing. 

What if things looked like this instead?

::Opening up your messages to new potential clients wanting to work with YOU.

:: Doing what you actually love with a booked out calendar of the exact amount of clients you want to take on.

:: Surprising your boo thang with that special gift they wanted because "Babe I'm successful now and I appreciate you sticking with me through my chronic melt downs!" *Not a personal example, jk it totally is*

:: Flipping off everyone who doubted you (even if it's only in secrets) because you're watching your bank account sky rocket and damn does it feel good. 

:: Having tactful strategies to grow your business with grace alongside the skills to pay your bills for the rest of your life,



Your Profitable Offer:

Here's the thing, you can have all the bomb sales strategy in the world but if your offer doesn't make your client jump up and down to buy it's going to flop. Here you will either design your profitable offer from the ground up OR learn how to POSITION your current offer in a way where you have your audience shouting "take my money!"

Client Mastery 

It's time to peer into your ideal clients brain and i'll help you do so using my 7+ years in the psychology field. Here we get your client warmed up and excited to buy through tactful strategies (No "hey girl! I'm being totally fake so you'll buy my shit" messages, bleh)  that will build relationships, create desire, and instill urgency to purchase your offer, product, or service. 

The Accelerator Plan

Ever need to make sales like, today? This plan is your golden ticket to sign your next client, or next handful of clients in 30 days or less. Take out the guessing game of what you should be doing to meet your next client. This plan lays it all out for you step by step. If you follow the system, the system works- just ask my handful of happy clients and last $60,000 launch. 

Sales Mastery 

This is where everything clicks and sales are made. This training alone could be priced at $2,000 and it would still be one hell of a deal but you know I included it in this program just for you!

This powerful training will include exactly how I've closed all my sales that have led me to build a 6-figure business. 

Success Mindset

Master your mind and you'll master your life. Here we lay a powerful AF foundation for you to build all your future work on. Find out the mindset I use every day while running a successful company that has had over 100 clients in 1 year. 

Why the Client Accelerator Works

Access to all Video Trainings & Bonus's

They aren't just powerful videos- they're filled with the skills to pay the bills for the rest of your life. How do I know? Because these are literally the skills that pay MY bills. Yes everything here has been tried, implemented, and yielded great success *Borat Voice*. These are the same skills that have given me a life away from a 9-5, freedom to travel the world, and a profitable business I love.

Don't forget! You have complete access to the members area which allows you to visit these videos again and again for maximum learning. 

Value: $3,000 Included in The Client Accelerator 

Easy to Follow & Implement Workbooks

Secrets and accountability that are yours forever to keep! The brain behind a 6-figure business is at your service and put into guides that will get you clear on your sales voice, get that mindset in check, and allow you to clearly see your next steps.

Value: $500 Included in The Client Accelerator

The Client Accelerator Formula & Spreadsheet

How would your next handful of clients change your life? Would you have more money, more freedom, more purpose??

What would it be worth for you to have a successful business fueled by ideal clients?? Well babe, it's time to find out the step by step process you can implement every day to sign your next client. No more secrets, no more guessing. Just a solid plan.

Value: $1,000  Included in The Client Accelerator

High Vibe Exclusive Facebook Club

You're supported 100% baby! The Client Accelerator comes with a private Facebook group for members only. This is your place to ask questions 24/7, get answers from me for the entire duration of the program, and be surrounded by an online community of business warriors who get it. 

Value: $600 Included in The Client Accelerator


You didn't think I was finish did you?

Julie's Secret Sales Script

Do you know that I spent over $30,000 this year alone investing in my SALES training? I've worked with multiple self-made millionaires and I took the best of the best from their sales strategies and complied it into my Secret Sales Script - Before this was ONLY available to my private clients. I'd go grab this like hot cakes.  

2 Live Group Coaching Calls with Julie Theis

This is where the magic happens baby! It's time become the leader in businesses you were meant to be while gaining ultimate clarity. Ask your specific business questions, learn cutting edge strategy, get support, smash those mindset blocks, and get coached to your next level with Julie Theis herself! 

Pre-Sales Strategy Secrets

It's time to become an energetic match for your clients! I'm giving you the insider preview on my most powerful psychological techniques & affirmations to call in money, clients, and sales. Is it hot in here? Or is that just your business on fire? 

For the VIPs

What if you could have your cake and eat it too? AKA what if you could have all the content, bonus's, and group calls in The Client Accelerator AND get to work privately alongside Julie Theis? How would it feel to take out all the guess work and have her eyes and brain on your marketing materials so that you could progress even faster?

VIPs receive the complete Client Accelerator Program , Two 1:1 Private Coaching Calls with Julie, 6 weeks of Voxer Access, AND access for me to review your Profitable Offer Outline with feedback. Is it hot in here? Or is that just your business on fire? Only 5 spaces available ($5,000 Value)

This is a transformative AF experience. Here you will develop as a better person, better business owner, and craft an even better life. Time to pop some bubbly, you deserve to celebrate in VIP.



When does the course officially begin
The course officially begins October 20th, 2019! If you are an early bird just hang tight and give your peers some time to sign up so we can begin as a group. You'll get an email as soon as the first module goes live!

Can I take this course next time?
Most likely no. This will be the only time this course launches in 2019 with no plan of launching it in the future. Besides, the universe (and business) rewards action takers.

Do I have to be a service based business to sign up?
Nope! This course was designed to reach a wide range of businesses like coaching, consulting, photography, direct sales, NWM, ect.
If your business require clients, customers, product users- whatever you call it in your industry- to be successful then this course will help you call them in!

How long will I have access to the course?

You get access to The Client Accelerator trainings for 1 year, access to our private facebook group for 2 months, and access to your workbooks, sales script, and downloads for the rest of your life!

When can I book my 1:1 session if I'm VIP

Julie will contact you through the email you signed up with, with her calendar so that you can go in and book your session as soon as it's convenient for you!

I have more questions what do I do? 

Send me a facebook message or email me at [email protected]

Are there refunds?
No. I believe refunds are the easy way out for those who don't want to put in the work. I'll tell you before you start, if you don't work the materials, they won't work and honestly this program is only for those who love their business enough to give it all it takes. Coaching begins at the time of sign up, and it starts with me holding you accountable to the promise you made for yourself. 


"Julie is amazing at what she does. Before signing on with Julie for her group program I was floundering and considering giving up on my dream of being a life coach. I had spent thousands of dollars on coaches and not really gotten anywhere with them. Julie had a way of explaining things that finally made everything click. She feels like you're talking to your best friend but the best friend that is willing to kick your ass and call you out on your bullshit. From the group program I signed on to be a 1:1 client and with her help got so much farther and felt so much better about my business than I thought possible. I feel so much more confident in my ability to show up in business. If you have the opportunity to work with her I highly recommend it. She's worth every penny!"

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